Thor Brown

Thor Brown

Thor Brown
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Originally from the Northeast, Thor Brown has since been firmly planted in Palm Beach for fifteen years. Prior to entering real estate as a career, Thor was already motivated by a strong explorative nature and a great enthusiasm for Florida, particularly Delray Beach, Manalapan, Juipiter Island, West Palm Beach, and the island of Palm Beach.

Thor has worked as a Realtor on Palm Beach for over five years, previously working with Barclay's International. During his career he has sold a myriad of properties ranging from under a million to over ten million dollars. In addition to helping his clients find their homes with his acute intuition, Thor has also assisted in renovations and new builds.

Thor considers himself a "first generation" Palm Beacher. With that commitment to the area and his knowledge, Thor plans to provide his clients with a modern, effective way to launch their properties and locate new homes.



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